I'm NOT A FAN OF Clichés

The world is saturated with marketing messages. I want to change that for you!

My Area of Expertise

Content Writing

I love creating content for both small to medium businesses. I produce high quality and original articles. I follow your requirements. This isn't just regular articles but well -researched and optimized ones.​

Digital Copywriting

I create copies that trigger emotions. We make unique copies that hook your customers. The goal is to write like an angel and sell like a demon! I write for on-page navigation copy, button copy, calls-to-action, and social media copy.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is more than just posting content and responding to inquiries from customers and clients. I believe that if you can't sell with 100 followers, you won't sell with 100k followers. Determining your audience and finding out the buyer persona is crucial. I can help with your FB Ads and formulate an effective targeting strategy that will bring you quality leads.

Influencer Marketing

I have a huge list and connections with nano, micro and macro influencers on all niches. I am a blogger and an influencer myself. I  can tap these influencers and pick the good ones capable of bringing leads.


All this awesomeness could be yours to experience for FREE to help grow your brand.

"Hire Cherry for your FB Ads Strategy. She's amazing!"

Cherry is a highly skilled performance marketer. She understands the importance of optimising every touch point of the user journey from impression to conversion. She's got a very strategic mind set . I have gotten lots of leads through her effective FB ads marketing strategy.
Liam Prost
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