We built Coffeeholic Creatives out of a passion for helping small to medium businesses. With my experience working in Dubai and the Philippines, I’ve collected all the best practices from the companies I’ve worked with.  I have learned various sales techniques, marketing strategies, tech hacks and some of the best-kept secrets from the experts.  I am hands on with everything. I prefer training someone and share my knowledge. That’s how we aim for growth.


published author

I wrote this book dedicated to my fellow single moms who are struggling financially, emotionally and spiritually. The book is available on Amazon Kindle and paperback edition. 

speaker of Digital Promotions and Influencer Forum

One of the panel speakers of Digital Promotions and Online Influencer forum. We tackled the following topics: Transformative blogging, boosting business with high input copywriting and effective writing techniques. 

interview with business mirror millennial feature

An interview with Business Mirror on how to introduce social media and proper use of the Internet to your kids as a millennial parent.

family matter magazine feature

Interview for their Mother’s Day issue

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